Social Responsibility in Classic Alpaca Peru

Basic health needs campaign

Classic Alpaca Peru has been working with smaller producers in Huancayo for over 6 years. We slowly learned that their basic health needs were not always met. There is a system called 'SIS' where medical expenses, from biths to care, are free, but Classic Alpaca has noticed that many of its workers and family don't use the SIS System for different reasons.

With this premise, Classic Alpaca has managed to help socially, not only its more than 120 workers, but the entire community in which it operates. With the support of Quechua's benefit, we will conduct a massive and free campaign on 22, 23 and 24 June at the 'multipurpose premises of justice, peace and life'. The ONG was able to bring doctors from Arequipa with specialties of dental, pediatrics and general medicine. In addition, Classic Alpaca bought medicines for common diseases that people in the city of Huancayo experience.

Together with the medical campaign, we conducted a parallel mouth health campaign in the 'Institution 30129 Micaela Bastidas and 31593 Javier Heraud', where doctors disparaged over 380 children. They were also taught the right way to brush their teeth and Classic Alpaca donated toothbrushes.

The objective of Classic Alpaca was to help 500 people in three days with medical and oral health campaigns, but this exceeded our expectations, 429 children and 213 adults were attended, making a total of 642 beneficiaries.

Social responsibility with children - Classic Alpaca Peru
Social responsibility with babies - Classic Alpaca Peru


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