Social Responsibility in Classic Alpaca Peru

Ophtalmological Campaign

Christmas Chocolate - Classic Alpaca Peru

At Classic Alpaca, we are committed to the needs of small producers working with us in the city of Huancayo, who are mostly underprivileged artisan women. As full-time weavers, they are more likely to have their near vision declined as the years pass, which would affect their quality of life. In order to prevent this, we decided to organize an ophthalmological campaign within the framework of social responsibility and Fair Trade.

This free campaign was held on December 17 and 18, 2018, in the city of Huancayo, where we have the highest number of artisans and weavers. During two days, the team of specialists examined 45 artisans working at our Huancayo facility, distributing prescription glasses for patients who needed them.

For this campaign, we contacted an optical center having skilled eye care professionals and modern equipment in order to make sure that a good service and evaluation were provided to our producers. All expenses regarding this campaign, eye tests and frames were covered by Classic Alpaca.

The most rewarding about this campaign was that we were able to help these artisans and their families to enjoy a better quality of life, as most of them depend on their eye sight to provide for their families. It has been very pleasant to be part of this event, organized with much love for our producers and artisans.


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